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President Biden's Dog, Commander, Bites Another Secret Service Agent

President Biden's dog, Commander, bit another Secret Service agent on White House grounds Monday, according to multiple reports. This is the 11th known incident of Commander biting a Secret Service agent since he came to live at the White House in December 2021.

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Commander, a purebred German shepherd, bit the Secret Service officer around 8 p.m. Monday. (Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images / File / Fox News)

The White House has not released any details about the latest incident, but a Secret Service spokesperson confirmed that an agent was bitten by Commander and that the agent was treated by medical personnel.

Commander is a two-year-old German shepherd who was adopted by the Bidens from a Delaware shelter. He has been described as a "high-energy" dog who is still under training.

The White House has said that Commander is a beloved member of the Biden family and that they are committed to working with him to improve his behavior. However, some have called for Commander to be removed from the White House, given his history of aggression.

In March 2021, Commander bit a National Guard member on the White House grounds. In November 2022, Commander bit a Secret Service agent on the arm and thigh, requiring the agent to receive medical treatment.

It is unclear what the Biden administration will do about Commander. They may continue to work with him to try to improve his behavior, or they may decide to remove him from the White House.

The incident with Commander is a reminder that even the first dog of the United States is just a dog, and dogs can bite. It is important to handle all dogs with care and respect, and to be aware of the signs that a dog may be about to bite.

Experts weigh in on Commander's biting behavior

Some experts have suggested that Commander may be suffering from anxiety or stress, which can lead to aggressive behavior. Others have said that Commander may simply be a young dog who is still learning how to behave.

Regardless of the reason for Commander's biting behavior, it is clear that the Biden administration needs to take steps to address the issue. For the safety of the Secret Service agents and other White House staff, it is important to ensure that Commander is properly trained and supervised.

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