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'Go Home Joe!' Chant Maui Residents as Biden Tours Fire Damage

Angry Maui residents slammed President Joe Biden during his visit to the island on Tuesday, holding "no comment" signs and chanting "go home" as he toured the damage caused by the ongoing wildfires.

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The Biden motorcade getting a “thumbs down” from locals. James Keivom

The president had been invited to Maui by Governor David Ige, but some residents felt that his visit was more about politics than helping the community. They pointed to the fact that Biden had not visited other parts of the country that have been hit by wildfires, such as California and Oregon.

"He's not here for us, he's here for a photo op," said one resident. "He doesn't care about us."

Another resident held up a sign that read "No comment," saying that she didn't want to give Biden the satisfaction of a response.

Biden tried to interact with the crowd, but he was met with mostly silence and indifference. Some people even turned their backs on him.

The president eventually gave up and continued on his tour.

The backlash against Biden's visit reflects the deep divisions in the country over his handling of the wildfires. Some people believe that he has not done enough to help those affected, while others believe that he is doing everything he can.

The wildfires have been a major disaster for Maui, destroying homes and businesses and forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, but it is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The fires are also a reminder of the growing threat of climate change. Scientists say that climate change is making wildfires more frequent and intense.

The Biden administration has pledged to take action on climate change, but it remains to be seen whether those actions will be enough to prevent future disasters like the Maui wildfires.

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