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Biden Staff Abruptly End Press Conference While Biden Is Answering Questions About China

President Biden's press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam on Sunday, September 10, 2023, was abruptly ended by a member of his staff while he was answering questions about China.

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President Joe Biden addresses a press conference, in Hanoi, Vietnam on Sept 10. AP/ Evan Vucci

Biden had been responding to a question about why he had not yet spoken to Chinese leader Xi Jinping since becoming president. He said that he was "going to go to bed" and that he would speak to Xi "soon."

A member of Biden's staff then spoke over him and thanked the reporters for their time. The press conference ended abruptly, and Biden did not get to answer all of the questions that had been asked.

The incident has been criticized by some who say that it is disrespectful to the press and to the American people. Others have defended the staff member, saying that they were simply trying to end the press conference in a timely manner.

The White House has not commented on the incident.

The incident is a reminder of the importance of a free and independent press. The press plays a vital role in holding the government accountable and in informing the public. It is important that the press be able to ask tough questions of the president and other government officials.

The incident also raises questions about Biden's relationship with China. Biden has said that he wants to take a tough stance on China, but he has also said that he wants to maintain a dialogue with the Chinese leader. The abrupt ending of the press conference suggests that Biden may be reluctant to engage with Xi Jinping.

Only time will tell how the Biden administration will manage its relationship with China. However, the incident in Hanoi is a reminder that the relationship is complex and delicate.

In addition to the facts mentioned above, here are some other things to consider:

  • The press conference was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is a communist country. The Vietnamese government may have been unhappy with Biden's comments about China, and they may have pressured the White House to end the press conference early.
  • The incident may also have been a sign of internal conflict within the Biden administration. Some members of the administration may have wanted Biden to take a tougher stance on China, while others may have wanted him to maintain a dialogue with Xi Jinping.

The abrupt ending of the press conference is a significant development, and it is worth watching to see how the Biden administration responds.

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