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GOP Rep. Torches Reporter for Claiming Americans See No Evidence of Biden Impeachment

In a heated exchange on Wednesday, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) criticized a reporter for claiming that the American public has not seen evidence to support an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

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Rep. Scott Perry, R-Penn., spoke to reporters about the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden on Tuesday. (Fox News )

The exchange occurred during a press conference in which Perry was discussing his support for an impeachment inquiry. The reporter, who works for an unnamed news outlet, asked Perry how he could justify supporting impeachment when polls show that a majority of Americans do not believe that Biden has committed impeachable offenses.

Perry responded by saying that there is "ample evidence" that Biden abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his son's business dealings. He also accused the media of being biased against President Trump and of trying to protect Biden.

"The American people are not stupid," Perry said. "They can see the evidence for themselves. The media is just trying to protect Biden from accountability."

The reporter pressed Perry to provide specific examples of evidence that supports his claims. Perry responded by citing a number of media reports, including a story in The New York Post that alleged that Biden had threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine if the country did not investigate his son, Hunter Biden.

The reporter pointed out that the story in The New York Post has been widely disputed, and that no other major news outlet has been able to corroborate the allegations. Perry dismissed the reporter's concerns, saying that the media is simply trying to suppress the story.

The exchange between Perry and the reporter highlights the deep partisan divide in the United States. Republicans and Democrats have very different views on whether or not Biden has committed impeachable offenses. Republicans are more likely to believe that Biden abused his power, while Democrats are more likely to believe that the allegations against him are politically motivated.

The polls that the reporter cited are likely to reflect the views of the people who were polled, but they may not be representative of the views of all Americans. It is important to note that the polls were conducted before the story in The New York Post was published. It is possible that the allegations in that story have changed the views of some Americans.

It is also important to note that the allegations against Biden have not been proven in court. Biden has denied any wrongdoing, and there is no evidence to suggest that he committed a crime.

The impeachment inquiry into President Biden is likely to be a long and contentious process. It is important to stay informed about the latest developments in the case and to be aware of the different perspectives on the issue.

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