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Ron DeSantis: Donald Trump is making a "big mistake" by skipping GOP debates

Ron DeSantis, one of the leading candidates for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has criticized Donald Trump for skipping the GOP debates. DeSantis said that Trump owes it to the American people to defend his record on the debate stage.

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"It's a big mistake for Donald Trump to skip the debates," DeSantis said in an interview with Fox News. "He owes it to the American people to defend his record on the debate stage. The debates are an important part of the democratic process, and it's disappointing that he's not willing to participate."

DeSantis is one of several Republican candidates who have criticized Trump for skipping the debates. Other candidates who have spoken out against Trump's decision include former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Senator Tim Scott.

Trump has defended his decision to skip the debates, saying that they are biased against him and that he prefers to campaign directly to the American people. However, his decision has been criticized by many Republicans, who say that it is a sign of weakness and that he is afraid to defend his record.

"If you're not willing to stand on the stage and defend your record, then you shouldn't be running for president," DeSantis said. "The American people deserve to hear from all of the candidates on the issues that are important to them."

DeSantis's criticism of Trump is a sign of the growing tension between the two Republicans. DeSantis has been seen as a potential challenger to Trump in the 2024 primary, and his comments suggest that he is not afraid to take on the former president.

It remains to be seen whether Trump's decision to skip the debates will have a negative impact on his campaign. However, it is clear that his decision has angered many Republican voters and has given his rivals an opportunity to attack him.

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