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Trump Says He Will Testify in His Own Defense at Any of His Criminal Trials

Former President Donald Trump has said he would "absolutely" testify in his own defense at any of the trials stemming from the four separate indictments he faces.

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Trump's decision to testify is a risky one. He could potentially open himself up to self-incrimination, and his testimony could be used against him by the prosecution. However, Trump may believe that he has nothing to hide and that his testimony will help him to clear his name.

It is also possible that Trump is simply trying to get ahead of the game and control the narrative. By testifying, he can ensure that his version of events is heard first and that the prosecution cannot surprise him with any questions.

Ultimately, Trump's decision to testify is a strategic one. He will need to weigh the risks and benefits carefully before making a final decision.

Here are some of the potential risks and benefits of Trump testifying in his own defense:


  • He could potentially open himself up to self-incrimination. This means that he could say something under oath that could be used against him in a criminal case.
  • His testimony could be used against him by the prosecution. The prosecution could use his testimony to impeach his credibility or to show that he is guilty of the charges against him.
  • He could make mistakes or say something that could hurt his case. This could happen if he is not prepared or if he is not careful about what he says.
  • He could alienate potential jurors. If jurors believe that Trump is arrogant or dishonest, they may be less likely to believe his testimony.


  • He could control the narrative and tell his side of the story. This could be a way for him to put his best foot forward and to try to sway public opinion in his favor.
  • He could show that he is confident and not afraid to defend himself. This could make him seem more sympathetic to jurors.
  • He could sway potential jurors in his favor. If jurors believe that Trump is sincere and believable, they may be more likely to acquit him.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to testify is a difficult one for Trump. There are both risks and benefits to consider, and he will need to weigh them carefully before making a decision.

It is important to note that Trump has not yet been charged with any crimes. He is only facing indictments, which are formal accusations of wrongdoing. He is innocent until proven guilty.

The trials against Trump are still in the early stages, and it is unclear when they will go to trial. It is also unclear whether Trump will actually testify in his own defense. However, his decision to testify is a significant development in the cases against him.

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