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Clinton Trump's Support Is More of a Cult Than a Political Party

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent comments about former President Donald Trump's cult-like support and the 2016 election have sparked a debate about the state of American politics.

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Hillary Clinton blamed married White women for her loss in 2016 against Trump. (Andreas Rentz)

In an interview with The Atlantic, Clinton said that Trump's support is "more of a cult than a political party at this point." She also said that the 2016 election was "pretty traumatic" for her and that she is "still trying to process it."

Clinton's comments are not surprising. Trump has been a divisive figure throughout his career, and his presidency was marked by controversy and scandal. His supporters are often fiercely loyal to him, and they are willing to overlook his flaws.

Some people might argue that Clinton's characterization of Trump's support as cult-like is an exaggeration. However, there is no doubt that Trump has a unique ability to connect with and motivate his supporters. He is a master of using social media and rhetoric to build and maintain a loyal following.

Clinton's comments about the 2016 election are also understandable. She was the favorite to win the election, but she was ultimately defeated by Trump. It is likely that she still has difficulty processing the loss and the fact that Trump became president.

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