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Trump endorses Jim Jordan for speaker of the House, but does he have the votes?

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for speaker of the House of Representatives on Thursday, calling him a "GREAT Speaker of the House" and giving him his "Complete & Total Endorsement!"

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Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. (Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Jordan is one of Trump's closest allies in Congress and has been a vocal defender of the former president. He is also one of several Republicans running for speaker of the House, following the ouster of Kevin McCarthy from the position last week.

Trump's endorsement of Jordan is likely to boost the Ohio congressman's chances of winning the speakership. However, it is unclear whether Jordan has enough support among House Republicans to secure the position. The race for speaker is expected to be close and competitive.

Jordan is facing opposition from several other Republicans, including House Minority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, and Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana. Each of these candidates has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the race is likely to come down to who can build the most support among their colleagues.

Jordan is a popular figure among Trump supporters, but he is also a polarizing figure among Republicans. Some Republicans believe that Jordan is too partisan and would not be able to unite the Republican caucus. Others believe that Jordan is the right person to lead the Republican Party into a new era.

The race for speaker of the House is expected to be decided in November, when House Republicans hold their leadership elections. It remains to be seen whether Jordan will be able to secure the position, but Trump's endorsement is a significant boost for his candidacy.

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