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Bill Maher Begs Biden Not to Seek Reelection, Predicts Loss to Trump

Real Time host Bill Maher closed his show Friday night by begging President Joe Biden not to seek reelection, predicting that his decision to run would do "great damage" to Democrats and the country as the current president would lose to former President Donald Trump in 2024.

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Maher, who has been a vocal critic of Biden, argued that the president is too old and out of touch to win another term. He also said that Biden's presidency has been a "disaster," citing the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the ongoing inflation crisis, and the high crime rates in many American cities.

"I'm begging you, Joe Biden, don't run for re-election," Maher said. "You're going to lose. And when you lose, you're going to take the Democratic Party down with you. And you're going to hand the country back to Donald Trump."

Maher's plea to Biden comes as the president has yet to announce his plans for 2024. Biden has said that he intends to run for re-election, but he has also said that he will make a final decision after the midterm elections in November.

It is unclear whether Biden will heed Maher's advice. However, Maher's comments reflect the growing concern among some Democrats that Biden is not the right person to lead the party into the next election cycle.

Some Democrats believe that Biden is too moderate and that his policies are not progressive enough to energize the base. Others are worried about his age and health, noting that he would be 82 years old on Election Day in 2024. Still others are concerned about his approval ratings, which have been consistently low since he took office.

If Biden does decide to run for re-election, he will face a tough challenge from Trump, who has been teasing a comeback run for months. Trump remains very popular among Republican voters, and he has a proven ability to turn out his base.

It is still too early to say who will win the 2024 presidential election. However, Maher's plea to Biden reflects the growing concern among some Democrats that the president is not the right person to lead the party into the next election cycle.

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