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Judge Faces Online Backlash After Smiling, Posing for Cameras in Courtroom

A New York judge is facing online backlash after cameras caught him smiling for the cameras as the civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump got underway.

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Former President Donald Trump, left, and Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron. (Fox News)

Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the trial, has been criticized by some lawyers and legal experts, who say that his behavior is unprofessional and undermines the dignity of the court. They argue that judges should maintain a neutral demeanor and that smiling and posing for cameras could be seen as biased.

Others, however, defend Engoron's actions, saying that he is simply trying to be more relatable to the public. They argue that there is nothing wrong with a judge showing his personality, as long as he is doing so in a respectful manner.

The backlash against Engoron has been largely partisan, with Republicans defending him and Democrats criticizing him. Some Republicans have accused Democrats of hypocrisy, pointing out that they have defended other judges who have been caught on camera behaving in a similar manner.

It is important to note that Engoron is a highly respected judge with a long and distinguished career. He has been praised for his fairness and impartiality. It is therefore unlikely that his smile will have any impact on the outcome of the trial.

However, the incident does raise some important questions about the role of judges in our society. Should judges be allowed to show their personality in the courtroom? Or should they be held to a higher standard of professionalism?

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they think about Engoron's behavior. There is no right or wrong answer. However, it is important to remember that judges play a vital role in our democracy, and their behavior should reflect the importance of their office.

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