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Woke-Free Beer Company Rakes in $500,000 in 12 Hours

A "woke-free" beer company raked in $500,000 in 12 hours after releasing a limited edition can featuring former President Trump's mugshot.

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Dubbed "Conservative Dads Revenge," the limited edition cans feature the former president's and a portion of the proceeds go to GOP legal defense funds in Georgia. (Conservative Dads Ultra Right Beer)

The company, Ultra Right Beer, was founded by Seth Weathers, who said he was motivated to start the company after becoming frustrated with the "woke culture" that he believes has infiltrated many aspects of American society.

"People are at a tipping point," Weathers told Fox News. "They're tired of being preached to and told what to think and feel. They want products and services that reflect their values."

Ultra Right Beer's limited edition Trump can was an immediate hit, selling out within hours of its release. Weathers said that the company is planning to release more Trump-themed beers in the future, as well as other products that are marketed to people who are opposed to woke culture.

The success of Ultra Right Beer has sparked a debate about the growing market for products and services that are marketed to people who are opposed to woke culture. Some people argue that these products are simply a reflection of the deep divisions in American society, while others argue that they are harmful and promote division.

"It's a sign of the times," said political analyst David Gergen. "We live in a very polarized country, and people are increasingly sorting themselves into ideological silos. This is just another example of that."

However, others argue that companies like Ultra Right Beer are not simply reflecting the divisions in American society, but are actively promoting them.

"These companies are profiting from division," said social activist Maria Gonzalez. "They're selling people the idea that they're under attack, and that they need to buy their products in order to protect themselves. It's a dangerous and irresponsible business model."

The debate over woke-free products is likely to continue, as the market for these products continues to grow. It is important to consider all of the perspectives on this issue before forming an opinion.

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